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2006 Wallwork Canola Trial

Variety Date of Windrowing (Direct Harvested) Harvest Width (m) Harvest Length (m) Harvest Area (ha) Yield (Kg/plot) Ease of Harvest Score (1-9) Pod Shatter (1-9) Uniformity of Maturity (1-9) Yield Rank Yield t/ha Moisture % Protein % Oil % Stubby 16/11/2006 9.75 200...

2007 Wallwork Canola Trial

Corrigin OILSEEDS WA TRIAL 2007 Plot No. Variety Date of Windrowing Date of Harvest Harvest Width (m) Harvest Length (m) Harvest Area (Ha) Yield (kg/plot) Yeild (kg/ha) Yield (t/Ha) Oil (%) Ad Mix (%) Moisture (%) Protein (%) 1 Trigold (control) 25/11/2007 11 130 70...

2007 Wheat NVT Trial

Trial Details Trial ID: WMaA07CORR6 Trial Type: AdvMainAgzone2 Locality: Corrigin Region: Agzone2 - WA Latitude: South -32.25227 Longitude: East 117.40971 Co-operator Details Name: Richard Guiness Location: Corrigin State: Western Australia Trial Site Details Soil...

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